East German DDR Breeding DDR line 5A

DDR East German Shepherds

DDR German Shepherds

Team Civil earned the name very young. As one can see in most all of the pictures here, the top of the ranch is surrounded by deep canyons. While playing with this team at about 8-9 weeks on top of the mesa a older pup about 5 months also out playing crested the ridge and caught the attention of this team.

Almost with exception young or old top of the pack or middle, one is not allowed to just mozy up unannounced and especially not with a cocky attitude. Proper protocol dictates coming in and allowing those of the hive that are out to inspect and grant access.

Well this older pup saw some pint size old guard charging in for inspection and thought meh, I’ll pass on permission to come aboard and cruise on in. Big mistakeā€¦. The two black females Kira and Kara charged in and got up in his face and was given him what for , and he snapped back at them thinking they would run I guess or allow passage and brother Bach at 9 weeks thought oh hell no and charge in for the fight and all hell broke loose for the older pup.

The whole team engage with intent and the older pup had a 7 on 1 cluster of nasty hanging off his face and limbs.They were not playing the tone change as soon as brother Bach engage and the older pup was realizing the mistake and now had to be extracted. No joke.

I had to lift the dummy in the air remove pups and carry him to a kennel for his safety, lol. Not one left the fight and all continued giving the what for at my feet to the suspect (lol) all the way 75 yards to his kennel.

From that day on Team Civil just fit. All clear heads, all stable, safe around all, but very hard when provoked with good aggression should one choose to push or challenge them.

A super litter I should have repeated, but did not get the chance with such a large program.


Litter Parents

East German DDR Lined German Shepherd
Gigante K9 Adalrick vom Jagermeister Haus
DDR East German Female German Shepherd
Gigante’s Notty Monkey