DDR German Shepherd Mein von Schone Stadt

Working DDR GSD

We place our puppies into the right fitting environment. Every puppy is different just like each of your family members. Each are drawn to different skills sets. Tells us your needs and we will maximize the chance's of a perfect fit.

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Great Family Members

These dogs have been bred for intelligence, performance and workability and health. They are very thick, heavy boned and very.... powerful dogs when fully mature. They are extremely loyal to their family excellent with children and have a high degree of suspicion.

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Bringing forward old world, east german DDR German Shepherds. We breed for intimidating looks, high intelligence, pronounced fight drive, and amazing stability.

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1DDR stands for Deutsch Demokratishe Republik. Immediately after World War Two and until the collapse of the Soviet Union and reunification of East and West Germany, what used to be East Germany was known as the Deutsch Demokratishe Republik (DDR).


The DDR Dogs

2From the time the walls went up in 1961, until it came down in 1989 when Germany was “reunified”, the breeders of German Shepherds were limited in their choices of breeding stock.

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3 The standards we look for include powerful, deep chested bodies with almost straight square frames, intimidating presence and supreme intelligence. Working abilities include tracking, athleticism, toughness, climbing abilities, hardiness, and the ability to withstand extreme physical conditions and demands.


Breed Philosophy

4Preserving the DDR lines implies standing still, not improving the line. We need to both preserve the image, health & type then build on top just as the East German Breeders would have.