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The versatility of the German Shepherd dog was him in the two world wars undoing. Already in the First World War were 30,000 German shepherd dogs at the front in the use of which many thousands of victims of the war. In the second world war in the world were already some 200,000 German Shepherds war effort. All eligible dogs were examined (sample shot) and when fed suitable for military service. Most died or were there by the victors taken away. After the war, so hardly even good dogs were present. The special feature is now in the division of Germany after the war by the victorious powers.

Each part of Germany began a separate breed from the remaining stocks to build. Whereas in the West continues to grown according to the typical beauty ideal (black and yellow, falling back), were asked in the East especially dark dogs with good service dog characteristics. This evolved into more than 40 years separate populations of the same race. The old DDR lines represent the ostblütigen type as he is under the special breeding community (SZG) was developed in the GDR.

After the reunification of Germany took over the Western Association (SV) and the leadership had no interest in the “Osthund” to obtain or reinzuzüchten with targeted, an association was not an issue. The whole was more like a takeover, and soon in the new states were almost exclusively Western sheepdogs were used to find and very many West German stud dog.

Many Eastern breeders have stopped after the fall to breed, mixed together with East or West rose all around to West German lines. This was reflected in the high-levels with a marked deterioration. In addition, the number of “DDR dogs” in a short time greatly reduced, so that hardly a sufficient breeding stock was available. Meanwhile, pure-blooded East German Shepherds are drawn become quite rare.

Currently these are high quality dogs again in demand. Many sportsmen and farmers mourn their votes for dogs. Dogs from Eastern Line are used in selective breeding to improve the building and coloring as well as in the breeding performance because of their high Triebig and the gray color. Another advantage is the better health. The remaining back just makes itself felt and the strict selection of GDR times. From 1979, was bred exclusively with HD free dogs.

Properties and characteristics

The main difference between the dogs of DDR and West German beauty line breeding is the back course. East German dogs from breeding have a normal shape, straight back. This makes them less susceptible to hip disease (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED). East German Shepherd dogs in the four decades of isolation to compact specimens with good bone, large heads and dark, most developed of the original overlaid with gray coat color. In GDR times it came to breeding dogs with good use of scientific selection. They are more robust as a real working dogs and there is no fad.

Of course they do not look so beautiful and elegant as West German dogs from breeding. Every dog is different and therefore generalizations are always difficult. Dogs from East Linen, but are generally not turned on yet quick to anger. They usually have a balanced character with plenty of drive. Most “DDR’ler” have a strong self-confidence and even as a puppy afraid of anything. Often they look at all interested in peace and then go easy on new things. Eastern shepherd dogs in the house quiet, cuddly and inconspicuous. Outside action is called for, they like to romp and run around.

These dogs are especially suited for dog sports, are good to use as working dogs and can be used as a guard, protect and rescue dogs. It is “Easterners” a little more demanding in training than many Western dogs. This is due to the fact that they are quite independent and think along. Secondly, they question quite well again and then it will already know. You are ambitious and have a firm, of its own.’s Why they need a straightforward consequence management and continuous. Osthunde are all quite late maturing, and you have to have patience with them. Not only the body needs time, the character is formed only from late final. So also the question of power are made much later than normal and some owners wondering, where is the age of puberty is actually left.

If it begins to test a male about 3 years, of course, is also more emphasis on it than with the usual approximately 1 1 / 2 years. Dogs from GDR-line are also very nice family dog. You need to be close to their people and want to be there everywhere. There are essentially strong, beautiful and healthy dogs with a lot of charisma.

Character Properties

Self-confident, sometimes dominant, strong nerves, essentially fixed robust, insensitive, hardstrong, sometimes unconventional character, strong will late maturing, a lot of charismato think, question, something selbsständig healthy, durable, powerfulPlay and prey drive clearly marked, strong will to work Defensive driving, military readiness exists, vigilant Colors

Some natural distrust towards strangers strong pigment, darker colorscuddly and affectionate in his family mostly dark-gray, sometimes black, black-brown on the raresteasy to learn, eager to learn, ranging from a few repetitions balanced calm indoors, outdoors spirited, thereby Use Service dogs (police and military)Physique Dog sports (protective services, track, Tunierhundesport, etc.)straight back, wide head Watch, guard and rescue dogsstocky, big bone strength, strong and broad Family Dog