Understanding The DDR Rating System 5555/55

Wertmessziffer • DDR Rating System

This is the best rating system ever put together in my opinion. With these numbers we can determine much about the dog without video or picture. Two people discussing a dog by mail, phone or text can quickly understand what a dog is about down to the core. A dog biting a sleeve shows a dog biting sleeve, however in todays world everybody is an expert and a dog biting a sleeve can mean civil drive or solid aggression or a thousand other interpretations.

This system was eyes on and given out by the administrators of the GDR program. It was dived into two sections.

Young dogs between one and two were evaluated using the ZTP or Zucht Tauchlichkeits Pruefung, like a Prelim test.

Dogs over two were evaluated at the Koerung or approval process for entering the breeding program. Much like a license it had an expiration date, two years. It also could be fixed (final permanent) by the administrators after 3 tests and examinations by age five. Occasionally an exceptional dog was given the more permanent Kor after just two presentations to the committee.

That is my understanding of the system. Side note my German sucks and it appears to be the hardest language that ever could be translated to english. Its ridiculous we can’t translate smoother in todays googled out world. I will make changes if presented by those who lived/bred the old system as required.

Possible combinations

Lets get started. Im going break down DDR Dog Golf v. Ritterberg so we can walk through together and get a great understanding of the administrators eyes on assessment of Golf. This is the final word on Golf. It would be much like a Board Certified Doctors Certification. Someone can have an opinion about a personal experience with Golf, but his Kor is his Kor. Pretty much the final word on essence of the dog.

Golf v. Ritterberg

In order to further understand Golf and show progression, I will break down his temporary Kor and show his final KOR below.

The first three digits dealt with the anatomy of the dog, while the last three digits related to the temperament and nervous system.

Golf’s Anatomy was rated 544. Golf’s temperament and strength of heart were rated 7/43.

Young Golf was a 5447/43 dog.

The 5 the first number relates to size as it relates to breed standard which the East line was very fixed. Six would be powerful. Here we have 5.

So without ever seeing Golf we would know that he was a medium sized average built with medium power type dog. (5)

The second number relates to constitution or structural issues. Golf’s four here relates to temporal issues or defects. A five is ideal in this spot. So, so far young Golf is a 54.

The third number is our body type a five is excellent, Young Golf was given a 4, so minor issue or incompleteness with bone joints or spine not being fully developed to ideal or excellent. So, so far young Golf is a 544.

The fourth number relates to temperament, we have a 7, Golf is balanced or a relaxed dog whose friendly but also has some sensitives, most likely to strikes. A five in this spot is a very good number it would be a relaxed friendly dog but provoked takes no crap becomes very hard to the challenge. A six would be minus the very or hard when provoked. A four you don’t walk up and pet the dog he is aggressive sharp and dangerous. So young Golf so far 544 7.

The fifth number relates to sharpness with Golf we have 4 so good sharpness. A five here is very good. So young Golf so far is a 544 7/4.The sixth is courage or hardness. Golf’s kor is 3, this makes him sufficient. 4 being good courage and hardness with five being very good. So young Golf’s KOR so far is a 544 7/4.

So Golf’s early exam is good but needing improvement.

We MIGHT be able to glean from this that Golf or the line may present slow to maturity issues. If a pattern of the dogs descending from DDR line 12 had KOR’s with significant changes from young to final assessment we one might extrapolate the line was slower to mature over other DDR lines that had KOR’s that were closer or tighter to the final KOR.

Im not stating the line 12 is slow, just providing an example as to the ability to gather line information can come from these assessments.

Golf v. Ritterberg’s final or permanent KOR reflects what we should know him to be and hope to carry forward, he is an average sized dog (5) with ideal constitution (5), a little better then average angulation (4), he is relaxed & friendly but very hard when provoked (5) with very good sharpness (5) and very good courage (5). Golf v. Ritterberg is a 5545/55 dog.

Golf is an extremely close example to the ideal or perfect representation of the concept “DDR type dog”.