DDR Club 1948 Shepherd friends and lovers in Prenzlau

On 19.12.1948, the gentlemen pietzke, Jakob Son, cut, Hoffmann, stern, nest and Mrs. Neschke founded the association for shepherd friends and lovers in prenzlau. Mr. G. Pietzke was elected the 1. th Chairman. From 1951-1952 was Mr. J. Simiot 1. Chairman and since 1952 is Mr. F. Hoffmann 1. Chairman. In 1950 Mr. A.

Pubanz member, who has taken over his experience as a dog instructor at the dogs school of the wehrmacht, the training in the chapter. The Long-standing 2. Chairman w is also remembered. Strong, which not only forged on the anvil, but also mind to forge the members together. Mr. W. Duscha, then captain of the kaser volkspolizei, allowed the assignments on the former airfield used by the volkspolizei.

In 1952, the city of prenzlau was leased by the town of prenzlau, where a youth hostel stood until the end of the war. In the same year, the construction of a accommodation system began, which was extended in subsequent years by the own of the sportfreunde and became a modern clubhouse. In 1952, the 1. th schutzhund exam took place in prenzlau. In 1953, the 1. Th City comparison battle was carried out with the local angermünde and schwedt.

In 1961 all the Sports Sports of the ddr were taken over in the company of sport and technology (GST) until after a few years the hundesport was continued in the section service and working beings. On 24.05.1964, the 1. Show took place for German sheepdogs. Three Prenzlauer Sportfreunde were called to leistungsrichtern. German sheepdogs from the kennels ” from the mari dom “- breeder Mr. Zocher, ” from the white mountains “- breeder Mr. Bandelow, ” from the council mountain “- breeder Mr. Fiebig, ” from the lake of ucker “- breeder Mr. Rahn , ” from the shrubs “- breeder mr. scare or ” from the ucker electricity “- breeder Mr. Rosenthal were able to place well on shows and performance events. Mr. Fiebig was with his self-bred “Jiri From Council” 1980 participants of the DDR Championships.

Mr. Volg was one of the most successful sportfreunde in the then district of neubrandenburg with his “Condor from the cathedral” in the 60 s and 70 s. “Ingo von der shrubs” bred by Mr. Scare, was 1984th winner of the DDR-winner look. “Iran from the shrubs” was on 46 shows of the most exhibited prenzlauer dog and erhiilt always top ratings.

For years, show, bonitation, exams and trophy competition have been on the on of the chapter.