Gigante Line East DDR Line Family Protection/Executive Protection Dogs

Young Pups Untrained Here if available

We have a very limited availability of training spots. Below is whats available at the moment. Call to see if we have match for you.

East DDR Trained Males
East DDR Trained Females

A family companion dog here is a lot of dog, lol. We bred train and produce working DDR dogs. The only kennel left in the world producing DDR working dogs for executive protection, working family and family protection.

The needs and purpose for working shepherds of today has changed. No argument. The good news is the false narrative that the DDR breeders bred nasty for the police and military is not accurate or even close. Werner Dalm stated this himself the best dogs never went to police and military the best dogs stayed home. The old DDR program didn’t bred for police, they bred the program. The program, was type, and of course blood. Likewise for the military.

Top DDR Dogs Of All Time.

Snippet of Previous Placed Trained Pups

What are the DDR Dogs ?