Alf v. Nordfelsen DDR Seiger 1955

VA Alf v. Nordfelsen SchH III

DDR Sieger 1955

1955 German Sgr. Alf v. Nordfelsen SchH III SZ# 739163
Breeder:  F. Schenk; Dortmund-Mengede
Born: July 23rd, 1949

DDR Kor:

Koer Report, August 26th, 1951

“Linebreeding on Gockel von Bern (5-5). Large, strong, long male with slightly yielding back, good angulation, confident, fearless.  Heavy and substantial.  Height 25.2 inches, weight 88 pounds.  Color: Tan with black saddle.  Not suitable for large bitches or bitches with weak backs.”

Groß, kräftig gestreckt, gute Winkelungen und Ganganlagen, sicheres Wesen.

Large, powerfully stretched, good angulations and gaits, secure character.


is very highly thought of in Germany, he gave generally to the best of his progeny nobility, true, cry working type, excellent temperament and trainability, and a shoulder that lacks the desired angulation together with a lack of forechest, or a forechest that takes a long time to develop. These were Alf’s own faults, too. When first brought out he could make no higher than a “G” or good rating in the sieger show but as the years passed, his front filled and developed and he finally became German Sieger in 1955. The type that comes from Alf is very uniform and, like beautiful and natural movement despite any lack in the front assembly.

Alf was a dog with plenty of leg length and hence corrective to Rolf v. Osnabrucker Land lines, but like them he was well constructed in shoulder without exceptional hindquarters or croup. He gave some dental problems and the inevitable cryptorchid .”

-Author Unknown

The breeding use of the Alf-Nordfelsen / Werra-Osnabrücker-Land son Gundo v. Stolper Land in connection with ancestral, high-quality families made breeding in the DDR catch up with the world’s best in the mid-sixties. The high proportion of HD dogs in this line brought about by Gundo, which probably also brought a hasty control strategy for the hereditary disease in this regard, made the influence of the line, in which good character dogs were the rule, disappear, with the exception of a few bitches, the influence takes on other lines. After a few detours, the line continues to exist in direct succession, modified by Don Rolandsteich, and this line, because of the hard nature and the good genetic values, is called a safe bank for breeding in the DDR.

DDR Foundation Dog VA Alf v. Nordfelsen

“Alf was a son of Axel von der Deinghauserheide, a hard working sound, and well-balanced representative. He was five years old at the time, a slow developer.

Alf was rated as only VERY GOOD the year before, so do we have a change in direction?

From appearance he was a little leggy but at that time they were talking about long running gear. He also had the ability to move out like a herding dog, in seeming perpetual motion. He was reminiscent of the old Hettel blood. The S.V. did not have objections to closing up through Alf on Nestor.”

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

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In 1955 Dr. Funk was settling in as the main man and they had decided what direction the breed should be going. He selected Alf von Nordfelsen SchH III as Sieger. Alf was a son of Axel von der Deinghauserheide, a hard working sound, and well- balanced representative. He was five years old at the time, a slow developer. Alf was rated as only VERY GOOD the year before, so do we have a change in direction? From appearance he was a little leggy but at that time they were talking about long running gear. He also had the ability to move out like a
herding dog, in seeming perpetual motion. He was reminiscent of the old Hettel blood. The SV did not have objections to closing up through Alf on Nestor.

Supposedly Sigbert balanced out the influence. When we look at the breeding behind
Alf it could give an idea just where the S/V wanted to take the breed

Alf was a basically product of outcross breeding. Through Axel there was the line
to Utz through Hussan, but there was no Osnabreuckerland or Preussenblut behind
him. Instead, on his mother side there was one line to Odin von Stolzenfels through
Sigbert Heidegrund. Remember Barbel v Haus Trippe behind Fels and Felix
Voglandshof? Here is her sister Belle. This also brought in more Utz.

There was also an Utz line through Gockel von Bern. Alf was 5 – 5 on Gockel, but here is something else. He had one line to 1930 ’31 Sieger Herold aus der Niederlausitz, through the
mother of Amor von Wappen Bocholt. Was it another move, back to the herders? Dr.
Funk would have been at the show in 1931 when Herold beat out his magnificent
Hussan. One of the things said about Herold was that although he looked terrible
standing, in motion he was a picture of co ordination and endurance. Although they
did not knock the standing picture of Alf, it was not his forte. It was in motion that
he excelled. There were some other top dogs on his mother side such as Arno von
Deutschen Werken, all that Jung Tell. It is obvious that Funk was starting to stamp
the breed with a different image.

Since there was no R litter breeding behind Alf or Lido they both found a lot of
use in combination with offshoots of the R litter. There was no way they would let Alf
get out of Germany – he was the future.
Alf was used many times in Germany and was almost considered the perfect
German Shepherd.

There were not many of his progeny come to North America but a
few like Alf von Loherfeld combined Alf von Nordfelsen with lines going strong to
Rolf, more Odin von Stolzenfels and some of the better Utz descendants. Alf von
Loherfeld was a great free moving dog with sound temperament. It is unfortunate
that more like him were not brought in.

10.09.1955Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 1955Frankfurt/MainGebrauchshundklasse RüdenVA1Dr.W Funk
18.09.1954Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 1954HannoverGebrauchshundklasse RüdenVA2Dr.Funk
19.09.1953Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 1953MünchenGebrauchshundklasse RüdenSG10Katzmair
11.10.1952Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 1952DortmundGebrauchshundklasse RüdenSG55Hartung/Klein
08.09.1951Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 1951LudwigshafenGebrauchshundklasse RüdenSG46W.Trox
Survey TypeDatePlaceJudge
Shoulder heightChest depthChest circumferenceWeight
Survey Comment
64 cm / 25.2 in29.5 cm / 11.6 in86 cm / 33.9 in40.0 kg / 88.2 lbs
OffspringKkl.Show Res.Trial LevelsHD / ED
Baldur aus dem Ruhrrevier*VFH SchH3– / –
Britta aus dem RuhrrevierSchH2– / –
Jola aus der Kückstrasse*SchH3– / –
Christa aus der LehmannswiegeVSchH1– / –
Bingo van de Hermesant Hoeve– / –
Kyra vom Bauersdamm*SchH3– / –
Cäsar vom Begatal– / –
Cort vom Begatal*SGSchH2– / –
Benno vom Bergertor1VA(BSZS)SchH3– / –
Carmen vom Birkenheim (D)SGSchH2– / –
Harda vom Elbbachtal*SchH3– / –
Hardt vom Elbbachtal*GSchH1– / –
Harras vom Elbbachtal*SGSchH2– / –
Held vom Elbbachtal*FH SchH3– / –
Iro vom Elbbachtal*VSchH1– / –
Leda vom Elbbachtal*SchH3– / –
Lido vom Elbbachtal*VFH SchH3– / –
Caret vom Elfenhain*VSchH1– / –
Cora vom Elfenhain*SchH1– / –
Dago vom Elfenhain*SchH3– / –
Dasso vom Elfenhain*SGSchH3– / –
Diana vom Elfenhain*FH SchH3– / –
Donar vom Elfenhain*VFH SchH3– / –
Dux vom Elfenhain*VFH SchH2– / –
Fichte vom ElfenhainSchH1– / –
Flocke vom Elfenhain*SGSchH1– / –
Inda vom Elfenhain*VSchH1– / –
Jutta vom Europäischenhof*SchH1– / –
Afra vom EwalderseeSchH2– / –
Anni vom EwaldseeSGSchH2– / –
Wocker vom Friedlichenheim*SGSchH3– / –
Dina vom Fünffingerweg*FH SchH3– / –
Dolly vom FünffingerwegSchH3– / –
Quitta vom FürstenangerSchH1– / –
Gerda vom gläsernen Bild*SchH2– / –
Anko vom Gocher Berg*VSchH2– / –
Vera vom Grewingsberg*SchH1– / –
Bärbel vom Haus DammSchH1– / –
Bella vom Haus DammSchH1– / –
Wacker vom Haus Einsiedel*SGSchH2– / –
Heide vom Haus ElkemannSchH1– / –
Held vom Haus Elkemann1VSchH3– / –
Kuno vom Haus Geltinger*VFH SchH3– / –
Nando vom Haus Geltinger*VFH SchH3– / –
Nelly vom Haus GeltingerSchH1– / –
Nina vom Haus GeltingerFH SchH2– / –
Nora vom Haus Geltinger*SGSchH2– / –
Astra vom Haus Hülsmann*SchH1– / –
Hella vom Haus KrügerSchH2– / –
Frigga vom Haus Lange-Orth– / –
Britta vom Haus Martini*SchH1– / –
Dago vom Haus Petit*SGSchH1– / –
Dora vom Haus Petit*SGSchH2– / –
Arro vom Haus SchüttingV– / –
Blonda vom Haus Schütting*SGSchH1– / –
Posto vom Haus SchüttingSG– / –
Yasi vom Haus Schütting*SGFH SchH3– / –
Yason vom Haus SchüttingSGSchH1– / –
Alf vom Heckborn*FH SchH3– / –
Aiga vom Ihlbrocker DammSchH3– / –
Anni vom Jungferngraben*SchH2– / –
Flora vom Kainhorst*SchH1– / –
Jenny vom Kleusenheim*FH SchH3– / –
Centa vom Knotendiek*SchH1– / –
Alf vom Loherfeld– / –
Arko vom Lorscher Sand*SGFH SchH3– / –
Asko vom Lorscher Sand*SchH2– / –
Berta vom Lorscher Sand*SchH3– / –
Birga vom Lorscher Sand*SGSchH1– / –
Alfa vom Mainweg*SchH3– / –
Wache vom Maschtor*FH SchH3– / –
Wodan vom Maschtor*SchH1– / –
Xaro vom MastbruchSchH2– / –
Birke vom Musenquell*SchH1– / –
Kascha vom Osnabrücker Land*FH SchH3– / –
Kuno vom Osnabrücker land*SchH1– / –
Bärbel vom Schloß FriedensteinSchH3– / –
Bella vom Schloß Friedenstein*SchH1– / –
Blanka vom Schloß Friedenstein*VSchH1– / –
Falk vom Schloß Grimberg*SchH3– / –
Ina vom Schloß Grimberg– / –
Droma vom Schloss Grimberg*SGSchH1– / –
Elfi vom Schneiderkopf*SGSchH2– / –
Uffa vom ScholtenborchV– / –
Esta vom Schwanbergsblick*SchH1– / –
Edo vom Sieghaus*SchH2– / –
Ellen vom SieghausSchH1– / –
Diana vom Söhreeck*SchH1– / –
Alf vom SpitzenfeldSGSchH2– / –
Anja vom Spitzenfeld*SchH1– / –
Armin vom St. Jobser Eck*VSchH2– / –
Geri vom Stolper LandFH SchH3– / –
Gundo vom Stolper Land*VSchH2 FH2nicht zuerkannt / –
Gelfa vom Stüveschacht– / –
Giba vom Stüveschacht*SchH1– / –
Veilchen vom Tempelblick*SGSchH2– / –
Viola vom Tempelblick*SchH1– / –
Volker vom Tempelblick*SGSchH2– / –
Queen vom Wickrather Schloß*SchH2– / –
Bärbel vom Woköksgrund*SchH2– / –
Junker von Burg Ingenhoven*VSchH1– / –
Bär von der Abtsburg*VSchH3– / –
Burga von der Abtsburg*VSchH3– / –
Ina von der Ammerland-Perle*SchH2– / –
Axel von der AsmusklingeSchH1– / –
Quido von der Barnberger Höhle*SG– / –
Quitta von der Barnberger Höhle*SchH2– / –
Sonja von der Barnberger HöhleSchH3– / –
Claus von der Buchhügelallee*SGFH SchH2– / –
Ilse von der Falkenlust*SchH1– / –
Irma von der Falkenlust*SchH2– / –
Alfa von der Fichtenallee– / –
Antje von der Fichtenallee– / –
Zella von der Fichtenallee*SGSchH1– / –
Zito von der Fichtenallee– / –
Ajax von der Heldstraße*FH SchH3– / –
Quiate von der Hessischen Grenze*SchH1– / –
Rita von der Hessischen GrenzeSGSchH1– / –
Karla von der KarlsquelleSchH1– / –
Katja von der Karlsquelle*SchH1– / –
Halla von der Karosiedlung*FH SchH2– / –
Burga von der Mattenbecke*SchH1– / –
Rex von der Nordhelle*GSchH3– / –
Alf von der RammelbeekeVSchH3– / –
Jonny von der Riedperle*VA(BSZS)FH SchH3– / –
Jule von der Riedperle*SchH1– / –
Lina von der Riedperle*SGSchH2– / –
Mira von der Riedperle*SchH2– / –
Freia von der Rixenburg*SchH3– / –
Jola von der Siegerland Krone*SchH1– / –
Jonny von der Siegerland Krone*VSchH3– / –
Jule von der Siegerland Krone*SGSchH1– / –
Inda von der Starrenburg1VA(BSZS)SchH2– / –
Melita von der Starrenburg*SchH1– / –
Veus von der Starrenburg1VA(BSZS)SchH3– / –
Vresko von der Starrenburg*VSchH2– / –
Vroni von der StarrenburgSchH3– / –
Welle von der Starrenburg1VA(BSZS)SchH1– / –
Iko von der Ückermühle*VSchH3– / –
Immo von der Ückermühle*SGSchH3– / –
Ilsa von der Ueckermühle*SchH1– / –
Heiko von der Ulmer-Felswand*VFH SchH3– / –
Hanne von der Wallenstein-Eiche*SchH3– / –
Hexe von der Wallenstein-Eiche*SchH1– / –
Cita von Harlems-Dünen*VSchH2– / –
Blanka von UnterhainSGSchH2– / –
Carin Wächterglück*SchH2– / –
Anke zum MahruhmerfeenSchH3– / –
Credit: winsis_x

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