German Shepherd History “DDR”

The shepherd dog split Germany

Briefly and concisely: Were not only qualitatively high-quality dogs, because the breeders in the earlier GDR had neither the market nor the means, which justify here a once entitled wehmuetige review.

So some West German breeder or also only owner of some customs dog races in such a way specified would have too gladly still one of these dogs. And not only these. The split German shepherd dog after the separation of the two republics also the organizations of the German shepherd dog associations, and not only the organizations separated. Also the “east shepherd dog” changed itself in the following four decades to a more compact, stronger copy as the western, with darker, the original graugewolkten skin color than the brighter or black-brown in the west.

The earlier GDR-mainbreed-wait for German shepherd dogs and today’s chairmen of the regional committee Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the sports association, Werner Dalm: “in the west they were not so outstanding, because they – and that is objectively like that – could not compete with the most beautiful exhibition dogs in the building, in the figure. Those looked more more durable, like real work and customs dogs, and were not not so the beautiful, elegant dogs.”

The east shepherd dog was not simply a border guard, schriebDalm. “you were bred to the all-largest part for our members, breeders and lovers. Only everything that we could not use for the breed, became the police, border etc.. Offered. To that extent only the Abschaum got. However these dogs had to bite well and be good in the nature, otherwise they were not taken.” Dalm further: “not the ‘ special breed community (SZG) ‘ of the GDR was formed paramilitaerisch, but the ‘ controlling body ‘, the SZG was subordinated to which, particularly the latter, the ‘ section serving and customs dog (SDG) ‘.

The SZG straight still waited, because ‘ above ‘ (state security service-steered) from the breed had no notion, needed it the SZG still. But had developed like the controlling bodies, the SZG a right after the other one one took away. Last had hardly still about the own race which will say, how also in my book ‘ the breed of the German shepherd dog in the former GDR ‘ (note D talk: to refer over the head office of the sports association) in more detail to reread is. That was the reality. But under these circumstances we bred nevertheless good and healthy customs dogs, because scientifically one selected.” Werner Schulz, breeder and former dog-prominent border soldier: “most of these dogs were very pious.

There was only a completely small percentage, which were really aggressive and unerzogen, which made bad experiences somewhere, with which hardly one clearly came. But otherwise, the Gro of the German-German or the German shepherd dogs, the GDR shepherd dogs at the German-German border, were completely normal dogs.” Schulz breeds country “under the name” from the Parchimer.

It writes in its homepage: “German shepherd dogs made of GDR descent stand surprisingly still with many sport friends and lovers in the interest of zuechterischer efforts, or straight more in former times? However is the shepherd dog, which developed in the GDR, with large strong bones, balanced nature and dark pigmentation no mode feature!

My breed goal and the breed goals of my friends consist of pairing the ostbluetigen shepherd dogs too received and with other DSH from ostblocklaendern and West German achievement breed. Naturally there is not any longer the mass at qualitatively very good breeding material. Therefore one will have been able to reach the abundance at pure GDR dogs not again, there many sport friends their dogs after the turn with kiss hand have delivered and these now nachtrauern.

For this reason it is heavy to find trained dogs for prospective customers since the breeders will not away-give material. Mostly accordingly to puppies from Top GDR mating one refers.” Schulz further: “for many it sounds strange to discuss the breed style of the East German shepherd dog. I would like to sing also no praise song over the East here. But the question places and has to some extent breeding authority, recognizes themselves one a certain necessity to receive this breed form.”

The separate history of the German-German shepherd dogs should be terminated after the collapse of the GDR, but splitting was deeper. After the reunification the powerful west federation has a saying. Press speaker sports association of pure Voltz in addition: “there are naturally still breeders, who continue to try today aimed to breed this east dog but we do not hold out to anything of it, now from mode reasons perhaps to receive from history so a dog. It must integrate itself in the long run into the common breed. There is a German shepherd dog and that wants we also further to promote.” Now one sees west shepherd dogs also in the “new” eastern Lands of the Federal Republic usually only. The East German breeders and owners with the “unit dog”, which reflects only for decades the disputed breed quality in the west, are not lucky: it is soft light.

The relatively straight backs, which they never back-wished nevertheless in the west secretly, but officially – how because and the first dogs, which finally justified the world-wide call as a service dog -, that they nevertheless literally untergebuttert in the west now. Only the color good grey, they found. As if this would have been a new fashionable color. They did not want to have the healthy body, but they took up the color. Not few Schutzhundler or Diensthundler in the west see themselves however after this East German shepherd dog East German. But there is nearly no more breed basis.

The Westschaeferhundler okkupiert also here the assumption of healthy Zuchtpotenzial thoroughly and flat-made. It is to be assumed many other race associations were out of the former GDR to the reunification exactly the same. There on the dog breed sector little was combined, but announced vollmundig, before well ten years. In the meantime also there no more dog barks thereafter.

I would like to give to consider one however: If one regards the photos of with excellently 1 evaluated Rueden in the post-war period until 1960, then we find the back desired straight backs. With the GDR dogs however into the late 80ern however exactly the sloping backs like the west DSH.


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