Don vom Rolandsteich

Don vom Rolandsteich goes back to Gundo vom Stolper Land. Long before the beginning of the official screening started, Gundo was X-rayed and diagnosed with severe HD, but he was used to a considerable extent as he appeared to bring a lot of „schöne Hunde“ (nice looking dogs).

Gundo vom Stolper Land

Gundo had delivered 3 DDR-Sieger in the first generation! First of all the threefold DDR-Sieger Greif vom Felsenstein (he himself being HD-free, he only gave 27% of HD-free dogs!), then Cornel von Monte Carlo and Dux vom Fliehburg.

And on the bloodline of Dux we then find Don vom Rolandsteich, who out of 249 offspring, delivered no less than 244 HD1-dogs!

The crossbreeding by means of elimination had started to demonstrate its effectiveness already.

Don‘s son, Jim von der Stadt Schmalkalden, became DDR-Sieger and Vice-Sieger, and his son Baldo vom Wolkenstein also DDR-Sieger.

The BSP-Sieger Falko vom Wolfsblick also goes back to Don vom Rolandsteich, namely through Ahron von Granit Rose.


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