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Lord vom Gleisdreieck

Lord vom Gleisdreieck is a grandson of Ingo von Rudingen, who descends from the Ali vom Gränert-line in the DDR. Ali vom Gränert delivered us, resp. delivered to the DDR initially 2 DDR-Sieger in the first generation with his sons: Blitz unter den Hergussregnern and Ali vom Silberbrunnen. Through his descendant Ex vom Riedstern he brought us 2 more: Cliff vom Bleichfleck and Condor vom Marderpfahl, and ultimately another 3: Astor von der Jahnstadt, Bodo vom Gräfental and Fels vom Kemmlerblick.

In addition to that, a Condor-son, Ex vom Haus Valentin, became DDR-Leistungssieger.   Another son of Ali brought Barry vom Andershofer Ufer (Werner Dalm).

Through him have come the DDR-Siegers Condor vom Falkenwappen (in the 1st generation) and via another son of his, Drusus vom Falkenwappen, also the DDR-Sieger Bodo vom Winkel (in the 3rd) and his son Cäsar vom Rangental, threefold DDR-Sieger (in the 4th generation).

Ingo von Rudingen (2 times a V3!) – there was yet no division between „Schönheit“ (beauty) and „Leistung“ (trial)! – delivered us with Lord vom Gleisdreieck a threefold DDR-Leistungssieger, who brought with his son Irko vom Peri-Hof a worthy successor and also DDR-Leistungssieger, and on top of that even more BSP- und WUSV-competitors. In yet another bloodline Ali delivered the BSP-Sieger Agbar Bethme.

But there was yet another line being built on Ingo, the one of Orry vom Haus Antverpa. Having triumphed as a Belgian Leistungssieger before, he won the WUSV-Worldchampionship twice, and with two different handlers too. The first time it was with Roger Snollaerts, later with Haruo Masuda (a Japanese legend by now) who additionally wan the the FCI-Worldchampionship with Orry.  

Last but certainly not least we need to mention Tom van ’t Leefdaalhof. Tom was a grandson of Orry, he wan the WUSV-title with Ronny Van den Berghe, who later even wan the WUSV-title twice in a row with Tom‘s son, Eros von der Mohnwiese. Today a son of Eros, Como vom Bonauer Wald, has already participated in the WUSV-Worldchampionship (ranked 7th!) at a very tender age, I assume that he will secure his place in the Hall of Fame and be labelled in color soon.

This year‘s WUSV-Sieger Sam Beit Haboxer Mehagiva also goes back to males that were bred in Belgium and ultimately to Orry vom Haus Antverpa.

Vello zu den Sieben-Faulen
Vello zu den Sieben-Faulen brought us Bernd and Bodo vom Lierberg, and another lineage through the BSP-Sieger Racker vom Itztal. After Racker came in the 3rd generation Illo vom Lastal, who became an FCI-Worldchampion, and in the 2nd generation Harro vom Lechrainstadt, the sire of Fado von Karthago.

After becoming a Leistungssieger in Belgium, Fado has wan the WUSV-Worldchampionship with Frans Hannes as well, and in the next year he still became WUSV-Vice-Sieger. A son of Fado named „Lord“ wan the  FCI-Worldchampionship with Jack Schurmann, and yet another son of Fado, Natz vom Tegelhous, became WUSV-Sieger and continued the lineage through Troll vom Haus Melinda (WUSV-Vice-Sieger) with Blitz vom Felsenwäldle, who became Leistungssieger in Spain twice and even WUSV-Worldchampion afterwards.

The BSP-Sieger Dax vom Baumberg also comes after Harro.   Bodo vom Lierberg, the SV-Conformation Sieger of 1967, was the grandfather of Cerry vom Dürener Land, who did not only become BSP-Sieger and Vice-Sieger, but also wan the European Championship called EUSV.  

Litterbrother Bernd vom Lierberg had become VA3 in the same year. His direct descendants amongst others are for instance the WUSV-Sieger Xabarovsk Bacterioides, and the DDR-Sieger Kliff vom Rosenhof and Quin vom Kalkbruch, as well as two-time DDR-Sieger Jim von der Friesenklippe. In addition to that, Asko von der Lutter, who has wan both, the BSP as well as the WUSV, and after becoming Sieger even finishing as a Vice-Sieger at both events, also goes back to Bernd.

Amongst Asko‘s progeny, today we already count a couple of BSP-Vice-Sieger such as Quincy vom Waldwinkel, Balko vom Mörfelder Land and Hoss aus der Zigeunerkuhle.

Credit: http://www.gsd-legends.eu/index_bestanden/Page998.htm

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